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  • Pat Kirch: So much, I can't really put my finger on it because it's magic. You guys are a family of your own and dig deeper into what we do than fans of a lot of other bands I see. We are all on a roller coaster together and who knows what is going to happen next and that is exciting. You guys give us the freedom to try what we want and you support that. I see tons of bands that feel trapped to sound a certain way because of pressure from fans or when they do change things up they feel pressure to try and sound like they a few years ago. We have never felt this and I love that, I do not think we would be happy trying to sound a certain way. There is so much music out there and we have so many ideas so why be stuck just doing one thing. I think when you try and sound a certain way that is when you make music that is not as great as what you have done before. It all goes two ways with us and you, we can only do certain things we try and do for you guys because of how much support you show us. This is really special.

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my dad’s going to travel for work and i’m really happy¬†

that’s weird bc its my dad i love him but the car’s gonna be mine for the next two weeks woahey just gonna run down some people you know

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Behind the scenes shot from Forever Halloween // The Maine

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just hearing people sing that chain gang of 1974 song to me

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